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RME Fireface UFX+

RME Fireface UC
Reaper V6


Adam S2V's
Adam A7X's
KRK RP5 Rokit G3's
Presonus HP60 (6 Channel Headphone Amp)
Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro
Beyer Dynamic DT250 
Vic Firth SIH2 x 2
Vic Firth SIH1 



Telefunken TF29
Coles 4038 x 2 (Stereo Pair)
Microtech Gefell M300 x 2 (Stereo Pair)
Austrian Audio OC818 x 2
Oktava MK012 x 2 (Cardiod and Omni Stereo Pairs)
Electrovoice RE20 x 2
Shure SM7b
Shure Beta52
Shure SM58
Shure SM57 x 4
Audio Technica ATM230 x 3
Solomon LoFReQ Subkick
SE Electronics SE2200a


Phoenix Ascent TWO EQ (2 Channels)
D.A.V. BG2 (4 Channels)
Golden Age Project Pre-73 DLX
Audient ASP800 (8 Channels)
RME Preamps (4 Channels)
SSL The Bus + (Bus comp + DynEQ)
Radial JDI

Radial ProD2
Countryman DI Type 85
Palmer DACCAPO (Reamper)
Radial X-Amp (Reamper)


Fender Squire Strat (Customised)
Maverick F-3 (Hard Tail)
Maverick F-3 (Floating Bridge)

Bass Guitar:
Fender American Deluxe Precision

Drum Kits:
Yamaha Stage Custom 2007 (22", 14", 10")
Tama Silverstar kit 2013 (22", 16", 10") 
Vintage Tacton kit (20", 16")
Vintage huge bass drum kit (28", 1970's 16" Premier mahogany floor tom) 
Tama Rockstar Pro 1990's (24", 16")

Tacton steel 14"x6.5"
Tama Artstar PM306 brass 14"x6.5"

Tama Silverstar birch 14"x5"
DIY aluminium 14"x5.5"
DIY wood 12"x5.5"
Yamaha Stage Custom steel 14"x5.5"
Yamaha Stage Custom birch 14"x5.5"


Nord Lead 2

Korg M3-73
Korg Triton Extreme 76
Kawai ES-110B

Moog Etherwave Theremin

Marshall JCM800 50 Watt,
Marshall Artist 3203 30 Watt,
Orange Rockerverb MKII 100 Watt,
Epiphone Valve Junior 5 Watt,
Marshall 1960TV (G12M-25 Greenbacks)

Orange PPC412 (V30s) 
Orange OBC410
Ampeg SVT1540 HE Cab
More amps/cabs usually available on request.


Effects Pedals:
Boss DD-3, EHX Memory Boy Deluxe, EHX Cathedral,
ProCo RAT 2, DOD Carcosa Fuzz, ZVEX Fuzz Factory,
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler, Earthquaker Devices Acapulca Gold, EHX Big Muff, Catalinbread Blood Donor, Spiral FX Yellow Spiral Drive, plus more....

Miscellaneous Instruments/Percussion: Didgeridoo, Tin Whistle, Bodhran, Singing Bowl, Various Shakers, Melodica, Glockenspiel etc etc....




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